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What is wine insurance?

We understand that your wine collection is one of your most important possessions. Whether you  bought it for love or as an investment, our comprehensive range of wine insurance policies gives you the peace of mind to custom build your collection how you want. Choose from either a standalone bespoke policy or inclusion within our High Value Home Insurance policies

Why do you need wine insurance?

Wine is fragile and susceptible to heat and temperature changes. What if the air conditioning fails, and there is a mechanical breakdown of the wine fridge? Breakage and spoilage can be covered under a bespoke wine insurance policy. There is also cover available for damage of labels caused by a flood.

Main benefits of a wine insurance policy

  • Worldwide all risks cover
  • No excess to pay
  • Single specified items or whole collections
  • No need to specify bottle valued below £15,000
  • Physical loss and damage cover

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Is wine insurance expensive?

No, it’s much cheaper than you would think to insure a bottle of wine. For a wine collection worth £50,000, a premium of £250.00 is to be expected.

How should I store my wine collection?

You should avoid storing your wine anywhere with strong temperature variations, direct light or heating. Although a specialist cellar is ideal, you don’t need to have one and can store the bottles in a cupboard under the stairs or in a spare room. The main thing is to keep the temperature constant and you should look to install a rack on which to stack your bottles.