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What is art insurance?

We understand that your artwork is one of you most cherished possessions. Whether you inherited the piece, bought it for love or as an investment, our comprehensive range of art insurance policies gives you the peace of mind to hang your art where and how you want to. Choose from either a standalone bespoke policy or inclusion within our High Value Home Insurance policies.

Why do you need art insurance?

Artwork is easily damaged. Common claims are caused by heat, humidity and damp. Items can fall and be knocked over too. Above all artwork is most commonly damaged during transit. It may be on the way to a gallery or in transit from one home to another. When your art is travelling it’s at the greatest risk of coming to harm.

Main benefits of an art insurance policy

  • Worldwide Coverage included as standard
  • No Excess to pay
  • Single specified items or whole collections
  • No need to specify artwork valued below £15,000
  • Physical loss and damage cover

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Do I need an art valuation?

If you make a claim on an insurance policy for loss, damage or theft then you will be asked to provide a valuation or receipt. The price of art often fluctuates and so unless the item was recently purchased, you don’t want to rely on your receipt in case your artwork has increased in value since you purchased it. The valuation should be carried out by a qualified professional, preferably someone who has expertise in your type of art.

Do you have any tips on safeguarding artwork?

Photograph everything! These photographs will serve as a record and further proof of ownership should your artwork become lost or stolen. Always use specialist transit companies who are experienced in transporting artwork. Remember, your artwork is at its most vulnerable when it is in transit.