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What is High Value Home Insurance?

High value home insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for homes that are worth more than the average policy limit. This type of coverage is designed to protect homeowners against losses that could potentially exceed the limits of a standard homeowners policy.

Stanhope’s High Value Home Insurance is for property owners who require more than just a standard, “one size fits all” insurance policy. Our bespoke high-value home and content insurance can cover your property and valuables, giving you complete peace of mind.

From our experience, if the market value of your home is greater than £750,000, and your contents amount to at least £85,000, then you should consider a more bespoke insurance solution. You can also use a high volume home insurance policy to insure individual items, or collections of valuables, jewellery, artwork, or antiques.

Why choose Stanhope for your high value home and home contents insurance?

Stanhope is part of Stanhope Cooper, an award-winning, family-run business, based in London and Hampshire. Stanhope is a leading provider of niche and specialist insurance to the UK home insurance market, voted as High Net Worth Insurance Broker of the Year 2018 at the UK Broker Awards (Insurance Age). We focus on providing solutions that fit outside the standard UK home insurance norms, including high value home and home contents insurance. 

We provide customers with a bespoke high value home insurance solution that fits their unique insurance needs. Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional levels of customer service and want all our customers to know that they have the right high value home and contents insurance policy in place at the right price, for their specific set of circumstances.

Our high value home and contents policy includes:

  • Unlimited cover for buildings and home contents insurance.
  • Multiple UK-based homes on the same high value home and contents insurance policy.
  • Worldwide all risks cover – your home’s contents and valuables are covered worldwide, including high value items, jewellery and art.
  • Accidental damage cover for buildings and contents.
  • Replacement or cash settlement for valuable items.
  • Home Emergency cover up to £2,000 with VAT for urgent property maintenance issues that require immediate action.
  • £100,000 of Legal Expenses.
  • Identity theft & Cyber cover up to £50,000.
  • Cover for children’s possessions at university.
  • Warranty-Free – if you forget to shut your window, lock your door or set the alarm, you will still be insured.
  • Higher Limits – you only have to specify high value home contents items such as jewellery that exceed £15,000 in value, and artworks or antiques in excess of £50,000.
  • Claims Service Included – as your broker, we will negotiate any claim on your behalf with the insurance company.
  • No valuation needed – our trusted partners at Rebuild Cost Assessment can assess your house and contents’ worth, meaning you do not have to worry about being under-insured.
  • Interest-free direct debit automated payments.
  • Client portal and app – all your insurance documents in one place.

How to choose the most suitable insurer for your high value home

There is an overwhelming number of insurance providers for high value home and home content’s insurance. Stanhope’s insurance brokers can make this process easy for you by using our expert industry knowledge to advise you on the most suitable insurance provider for your high-value property and contents. 

We have access to the leading home insurance products in the UK that are in most cases not available directly with an insurance company. At Stanhope, we know the history and the philosophy of each of our trusted insurance partners and, therefore, we know which insurers are the most suitable for your property.

Above all else, we focus on their longevity, price consistency, and insurer’s claims service to give you a complete peace of mind when it comes to insuring your home.

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High Value Home and Contents Insurance FAQs

Will my home’s contents and valuables be covered outside of my home?

Yes. As standard all of your general contents and valuables will be covered in the home, away from the home and worldwide (usually up to 60 days in any one trip with unlimited trips per policy period).

Can you value my home?

Stanhope Insurance doesn’t provide home valuation services; however, our trusted partners at Rebuild Cost Assessment can assess your house and contents’ worth.

What is the difference between general contents and valuables?

General contents refers to any day to day item, such as clothing, bedding, homeware, and so on.

Valuables are any items which are of monetary or sentimental value.

Is accidental damage included as standard?

Yes. High Value Home insurance policies are ‘All Risks’ policies, meaning that all items are covered for all risks (excluding items that are noted in the exclusion section of a policy). All Risk policies extend to include accidental damage and accidental loss.

Is Travel Insurance included in a High Value Home Insurance policy?

Some High Value Home insurance policies offer travel insurance as standard, some can add it on to the policy for an additional premium and others do not offer it all – all depends on your bespoke insurance needs. Get in touch with our experienced insurance advisors to receive a personalised quote.

Can I add more than one property to a High Value Home Insurance policy?

Yes. Simply get in touch with our team to amend your existing policy.

I don’t know what the rebuild value of my home is, is this a problem?

Most High Value Home insurance policies are ‘sums insured’ policies, which means these products provide the exact sums insured cover as requested by the client. As a result, the premium is principally driven by the amount of cover required (the sums insured to rebuild the property as brand new (the rebuild value must include  removal of debris, professional fees, and VAT). A broker or an insurer cannot tell you what rebuild value you need to insure the property for. 
The good news is that most High Value Home insurance policies offer a building appraisal free of charge! Additionally, Stanhope Insurance works with trusted partners at Rebuild Cost Assessment, who can appraise the rebuild at a discounted rate, exclusively for Stanhope customers.