Our Passion and Aim:

To be the the UK’s Most Trusted Non-Standard Insurance Broker

Stanhope is a leading provider of niche and specialist insurance to the UK home insurance market. We have a clear mission and clear values. We focus on providing solutions that fit outside the standard UK home insurance norms. This could be an expensive item of jewellery, a property that is thatched or a home that is undergoing renovation works. If you can’t find the solution through standard insurance platforms you will most likely come to us as your next port of call.

Stanhope provides customers with highly personalised insurance products their specific circumstances require. We are dedicated to providing exceptional levels of service and want all our customers to know they are important, that we listen and that we have the right insurance policy in place and at the right price. Sometimes we get things wrong and we’re okay with that, so long as we continue to learn and grow.

It’s no secret, our aim is to be the most trusted non standard broker in the UK market. We’re going to achieve this by being a values-led business based in Petersfield, Hampshire with a nationwide set of customers.

A Values-led Business

We believe why you do something is as important as what you do. There are many businesses in the UK which, despite being financially rich, are values-poor; we want to buck this trend in the financial services sector.

We believe it’s important to have a destination in mind but it’s as much about the journey for us, as it is reaching the destination. At Stanhope we’re passionate about the journey and the destination. As a result, we have created a threefold value-statement which not only governs what we do, but also why we do it. It confirms where we’re going (aiming to be the UK’s most trusted non standard broker) and how we’re going to get there.


As a people-focused business, we will strive to place our people at the heartbeat of our core decisions. By doing so, the rest will fall into place, as outcomes follow behaviours. Our people have intrinsic value prior to their output and not as a result of it. Allowing our people to separate themselves from their work (IE their work is not their identity) allows them to see their work for what it truly is – work. The outcome of this is a secure and humble workforce who accept praise and correction with poise.


We are full of integrity. This means our behaviours are consistent, especially when no one is watching. Doing the right thing (not the easy) by our staff, our clients and our community is non-negotiable. As Hemingway once wrote ‘trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback’. Our desire is to be known as the UK’s most trusted Insurance Broker which will require hard work and wisdom.  This will take many years to accomplish but only a few days to destroy.


We look out for the interests of others above our own. This is a golden thread weaving its way through the cultural fabric of our company. Having a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’ approach means the Stanhope community is safe and secure. This approach allows us to “problem find” and “problem solve” with others in mind which, over time, develops empathy amongst our teams.