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What is antiques insurance?

We understand that your antiques are some of your most valuable possessions. Whether you inherited the piece, bought it for love or as an investment, our comprehensive range of antiques insurance policies gives you the peace of mind to display your antiques where and how you want. Choose from either a standalone bespoke policy or inclusion within our High Value Home Insurance policies.

Why do you need antiques insurance?

Accidents happen. Most insurers don’t provide cover for antiques under a standard home insurance policy. Stanhope provides £15,000 of cover for antiques and art as standard. Above all antiques are most commonly damaged during transit. It may be on the way home from an antique dealer or in transit from one home to another. When your antiques are travelling, they are at the greatest risk of coming to harm.

Main benefits of an antiques insurance policy

  • Worldwide Coverage included as standard
  • No Excess to pay
  • Single specified items or whole collections
  • No need to specify antiques valued below £15,000
  • Physical loss and damage cover

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Is antiques insurance expensive?

No, it’s much cheaper than you would think to insure an antique. For an antique collection worth £50,000, a premium of £250.00 is to be expected.

Can I insure my items when they are in storage?

Yes, provided you have given all the necessary risk information and notified your insurer, you can comprehensively insure your antiques whilst they are in storage with a reputable company.