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What is UK holiday home insurance?

UK holiday home insurance is for a property that you own that is not your main residence. It could be used personally, rented out to friends or let to paying guests. It covers all types of properties and scenarios, from a cottage by the sea, to a rural retreat or an unoccupied holiday home.  We can arrange cover for buildings and contents as well as accidental damage and any liabilities you have as the property owner.

Why do you need holiday home insurance?

There is an increased risk when you own a holiday home. This is because the property is not always in use and occupied. When homes aren’t lived in for a while, pipes can start leaking and even worse, what may have been a minor leak in the roof, is now a major water leak to the whole property. Furthermore, an empty house can be easier to break into and is more attractive to a potential burglar. Finally, consider your guests who may injure themselves or damage your property whilst using your holiday home.

What is covered by holiday home insurance?

  • Buildings insurance – covers the structure of your home from events like fire, flooding, burst pipes, storms and vandalism. It also protects permanent fixtures like built-in closets and light fittings.
  • Contents insurance – covers your furniture, gadgets and any valuable possessions you keep in your holiday home.
  • Public liability cover – covers you if someone is injured at your property.
  • Employers liability – useful if you employ a cleaner or gardener.
  • Accidental damage – important if you have guests and they knock something over or spill a glass of wine
  • Loss of income – if your rent out your holiday home and damage to the property causes you to cancel bookings.
  • Alternative accommodation – if you need to find your guests somewhere to stay after damage to the property.  

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My holiday home is unoccupied, what’s the best way to insure it?

Holiday home insurance will typically cover you from 30 -60 days of consecutive unoccupancy. A standard home insurance policy is only 30 consecutive days. If your home is unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days you should then consider talking out a specialist unoccupied policy.