Daily, each of our client advisors are asked, ‘how much do you think it will it cost to insure ___’?

As you’d expect, we cannot give exact pricing, since each risk is unique and insurers hide their rating factor like a master brewer hides their recipe. But we’ve tasted enough insurance products over the years to work out the core ingredients and we now want to train your palate. Each pricing article in the series will follow a simple structure:

  • Explain the base ratings
  • Offer a magic formula to help you get an estimate
  • Outline examples of costing based on a variety of different factors

If you’d like a more personalised price range, you can speak with a new business client advisor on 01730 777600 or complete a form by clicking here. Click on the costing article below most relevant to you.

Jewellery and Watches Pricing

Non-Standard Home Properties Pricing

  • Unoccupied homes pricing – Click here
  • Listed Buildings and Heritage Homes – Click here
  • Homes undergoing a renovation project pricing – Click here

High Value Homes Pricing

Art and Collections Insurance Pricing

We address all collections in one pricing article – Click here. Including:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Musical Instruments
  • Stamp Collections
  • Wine Collections

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Written by Matthew Ashton

I started working in the insurance industry in 2004. Four years later, I left to focus on theological studies, working as a youth worker and then as a ministry director in Seattle, USA. When returning to the UK, I had an opportunity to work for the late Andrew Marchington. I joined his firm as a sales advisor when it had around ten staff members. Within three years, I was Head of Ops with a staff team of over 30 people. After a chance encounter in 2019 with Rachel Living and Will Cooper, I decided to co-start Stanhope and build a high-value home, luxury watch, and jewellery broker synonymous with trust. I love being with Donna, my wife, and four kids when not working, cramming in the odd row, or running when I can. I am fortunate to love what I do and consider it a blessing to grow the Stanhope brand.

Matthew Ashton

Date: Tuesday 13th September, 5:17pm

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