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What is musical instrument insurance?

We understand that your instrument or musical equipment is one of your most prized possessions. Whether it is a violin or trombone, DJ equipment or a piano, we provide you with insurance when your instrument is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. Cover is provided for inside and outside the home and for when your instrument is kept in a car or van.

Why do you need musical instrument insurance?

Accidents happen. Your musical instrument and equipment is often taken outside the house to practice, play and perform. Sometimes the safest place you can leave it is in the boot of your car. That’s why you need insurance to protect your instrument in case it is lost or stolen. Accidental damage can also occur whilst your equipment or instruments are in transit.

Main benefits of a musical instrument policy

  • Worldwide Cover
  • No Excess
  • Unattended vehicle cover
  • Cover for Damage, Loss and Theft
  • New for Old Replacement cover available

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Do you provide cover for all types of musicians?

We arrange insurance for the novice, amateur and experienced professional. Whether you play your instrument once a week or your practice for several hours a day, we can tailor an insurance solution for your specific needs.

Do you have any tips on safeguarding instruments and musical equipment?

Keep all electronic equipment and instruments in a cool and dry place. Did you know that ideally instruments should be kept in the centre of a room away from drafts and doorways? This ensures they are kept as far away from any temperature changes as possible.