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My property has a thatched roof, can you help?

If your property has a thatched roof, then you will be aware of how difficult it is to obtain comprehensive insurance cover. A thatched roof is more likely to catch fire than a standard tiled roof. Our team can provide you with wide-ranging cover for your thatched property from our panel of insurers.

Why should you consider thatch insurance?

  • Cover for every type of thatched roof construction, from Devon reed to combed wheat, water reed, Norfolk Reed, fibre and long straw.
  • Cover for a  full range of heating types, from gas, oil and electrical heating to wood burning/solid fuel stoves and open fires too.
  • Cover for your home whether it is owner occupied, listed, a holiday home, Air BnB or let property.
  • Correct cover to allow for repairing and replacing of non-standard materials.
  • Items like Jewellery and Artwork can be added to the policy.

Most popular policy benefits:

  • Bespoke cover for your Buildings and Contents.
  • Access to insurance valuers to assist with your Rebuilding Cost.
  • Worldwide all risks cover as standard.
  • Accidental damage cover as standard.
  • Interest-Free Direct Debit.

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Thatch Checklist

The thatched roof

  • The thatched roof must have been inspected by a thatcher within the last 10 years.

The electrics

  • The electrics in the property must have been inspected within the last 10 years.


  • Chimneys must be swept annually.

No naked flames or…

  • No naked flames or tools producing flames be present in the attic or loft space.

Fire extinguishers

  • Two fire extinguishers must be fitted inside the property.

The roof

  • The roof must be treated with fire retardant.