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My property has subsidence, can you help?

If your property has subsidence, underpinning or is an area with a history of the movement, then you will be aware of how difficult it is to obtain comprehensive insurance cover. Our team can provide you with wide-ranging subsidence cover for your home from our panel of insurers.

When is Subsidence Insurance right for you?

  • A previous Subsidence, Heave or landslip claim at the property.
  • Categorised as living in a subsidence area.
  • Property previously underpinned.
  • Showing signs of historical movement in a surveyor’s report.
  • Historical buildings showing signs of movement.

Most popular policy benefits:

  • Comprehensive Cover for your Buildings.
  • Comprehensive Cover for your Contents.
  • Third-party Liability up to 10 million.
  • Expert Underwriters who specialise in Subsidence related issues.
  • Monthly payment options.

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How was the problem fixed? Please provide any information on the repair works undertaken at your property.