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What is Listed Building Insurance?

Listed Building Insurance is for those who have a Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 2* or Listed Building. In the event of a claim, you are required by law to reinstate the property using the same materials as the original build, regardless of cost. Properties like these are more expensive and take more time to repair than a standard property. A more bespoke insurance solution needs to be considered.

Why should you consider Listed Buildings Insurance?

  • Correct cover to allow for repairing and replacing of non-standard materials.
  • Enhanced cover to allow for additional labour costs of skilled craftsmen.
  • Specialist Insurance Surveyors to make sure any repair work is in keeping with the historical context of the property during the claims process.
  • Items like Jewellery and Artwork can be added to the policy.
  • Sufficient Alternative Accommodation Cover to allow for longer periods of construction due to time lost waiting for planning permissions and consents.

Most popular policy benefits:

  • Bespoke cover for your Buildings and Contents.
  • Access to insurance valuers to assist with your Rebuilding Cost.
  • Worldwide all risks cover as standard.
  • Accidental damage cover as standard.
  • Interest Free Direct Debit.

Why do Listed buildings require specialist insurance?

A General insurer will provide cover on a one size fits all approach for a property that is built from standard building materials. It will not take into account the additional costs associated with a listed building and will often not provide sufficient alternative accommodation cover to take into account the extended time it can take to repair a listed building. Stanhope can arrange a bespoke solution for your listed building.

How do I find out if a property is listed?

You can find out if a property is listed by looking at The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) which contains details of all listed buildings in England.

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